Advanced Microsoft Business Intelligence This Week

Today I got our Cube working in SharePoint 2013.

There was a lot of work involved.

First we have to pull the closed sales from Great Plains into the local database.

There's an SSIS job to do that.  It runs daily to refresh the month to date data.

Then there's a VIEW which joins that data to all the prior data.

That data gets pushed to the Tabular Model cube daily as well.

And there's a Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM) on SharePoint which allow connectivity.

The Cube data can then be viewed from the SharePoint web through PowerView, a self service visual web page where user can select fields.

Users can also view the Cube data from Excel PowerPivot on their local desktop via an ODC Office Data Connector, which has a refresh button so they can create complex pivots and save them.

The next thing, that same Cube can be used as a Data Source for the PerformancePoint Dashboards which contain ScoreCards and KPIs.

So today I got the Cube working from start to finish, which will allow me to begin the Dashboards next week.

This is what I would call Advanced BI, not your traditional Reports I did from the mid 1990's until just a few years ago.

SharePoint 2013, SQL-Server 2012, SSRS 2012, Visual Studio 2010 with c#.

It's exactly what I want to be doing.

Add in some Big Data Hadoop Map-Reduce and HBase.

What more can you ask for?

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