8 Obstacles Business Intelligence Developers Must Face

People assume too much.

For one thing, they believe that Business Intelligence developers have all the tools they need to do their job.

First off, BI devs have to get training.  Most places do not pay their employees for training.  They'd prefer to hire people off the streets who already posses the hard to find skills.

Second, Software.  Many times, we have to fight to get the necessary software installed on our PCs.

Third, Permissions.  Lots of places we don't have sufficient privileges to install software on our own boxes because we aren't trusted as administrators.

Fourth, Access to the data.  Lots of times we have to fight like heck to get access to databases, files and data.

Fifth, Servers.  Some times we're just sitting there, waiting for an SSRS server or SharePoint server to be installed, with the correct software.

Sixth, Business Rules.  At some jobs I've been, people hold on the business rules tighter than you can imagine.  JOB SECURITY people.  Do us a favor, give up some control and be transparent with the biz rules.

Seventh, Change Control.  Users complaining where there data is, one problem.  5 layers of bureaucratic red tape to complete tickets, get the change blessed and then successfully moved to production.

Eight, Budget.  We need more memory.  We need more licenses.  Somebody's got to pay for this stuff.


So as you can see, the obstacles a Business Developer has to overcome are quite impressive.

And that's why the role of BI developer is in high demand.  And that's why some departments prefer to go around IT.

I'm just telling it like it is...

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