Windows 7 Wouldn't Boot Up

So while on vacation my Dell laptop stopped working.

Except I was able to boot in safe mode.

Do some defrags, check for virus, etc.

And suddenly is began working.

Then got it home.

Same thing.

Doesn't work.

Except now it doesn't boot to safe mode.

So I created a repair disk off my other computer.

Booted from CD/DVD, tried the repair option about a thousand times.

Tested the memory, seemed fine.

Then went into DOS and applied the following commands.


I have no restore points.
So I decided to use Dell BackUp Safe to reinstalled Windows.

It stores off all your files to the C:

Then overlay Windows 7.

Then when booting up pressed the F8 button repeatily.

Clicked on load last good restore.

System booted up, except I revoked the Administrators password with 3 incorrect attempts.

So I loaded up again in Safe Mode with Networking, added a new user, rebooted and voila!


Now restoring files from the Dell BackUpSafe!

With a brand new clean install of Windows 7!

If I had to guess what caused the Windows 7 crash, I think it was a bad install / version of Internet Explorer 10, which got hosed on install, I tried to back it out, wouldn't take, tried to install IE9 again, no luck, then disabled IE 10.  Just the other day I re-enabled it and I believe that's what caused the meltdown.

Just a hunch though!