Week In Review

It must have been a busy week.  Because I conked out early after getting home on Friday.

This week I dabbled in the new Microsoft HDInsight big data Hadoop.

Downloaded a trial version, got it installed, running, even uploaded some files, processed them in Hive, although I could not get the HIVE odbc driver to work.  I think the trick might be to download the driver from the Microsoft site, not the Hortonworks site.


However, if it works, next step is to import big data into SQL-Server via the HIVE Driver using SSIS and / or Excel.  Think of the ramifications, mashing Big Data with traditional Business Intelligence with SQL.

I also worked with some ETL by migrating the Fuzzy ROI logic to Microsoft SSIS.  It was actually a larger project than expected and still need to finish it up.


Then I got pulled into Dashboards - Microsoft Performance Point style.  It's been on the back burner for a while, except it's become a top priority now.  So I worked with the business / data analyst and we are spec'ing out what it should look like.  What metrics are we trying to show, where does the source data reside, etc.  It's due shortly.


My part time job went well - I was asked to search 5 SSRS reports to see if a change would break the reports.  Then did the same with an SSIS package where it turned out a change was necessary to prevent the code from breaking.

Also I managed to catch two colds in one week so all in all it was a busy week.

Lastly, our CTO saw me in the hallway and said we have Cloudera visiting in 5 weeks for Big Data training, said I was welcome to sit in.  Whoopie!

So there you have it.  My latest projects.

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