#TampaBay Is Primed for Huge Growth

I've been working in Tampa Bay since Summer 1995.

And there are quite a few business located here.

Most have IT departments.

And in those department reside many smart individuals.

So there are good opportunities to work in IT here in Tampa Bay.

And we have round robin effect.

Programmer 1 leaves Company 1 to work for Company 2.

That opens up a spot which gets filled by Programmer 2.

Who just left Company 3, which opens up a spot for Programmer 3.

And the cycle continues.

Musical chairs if you will.

Each programmer writes some code, which will eventually get supported by another programmer.

And each programmer is trying to learn the new skills so he or she is marketable.

In order to jump ship, to get higher salary, better perks, etc.

Except they're all really the same job, just different locations.

Because the people don't change, they just change the company they work for.

And so it goes.

You try a company, stay there for a while, then move on.

And the place you go to isn't much better than where you came from.

Thus we have a small pond in which to reside.

It looks brighter on the other side, except it's just a different view from the same lake.

What we need are more lakes in which to move about.

Stir things up a bit, add more company's into the mix.

Which will attract new talent, Venture Capital money and bright minds.

Which will open up opportunities we've never had before.

Which will cause a cascade effect of people finding better jobs.

Which will cause the existing company's to care a little more about their employees.

In order to retain them.  As the workers will then have options.

Which raises the bar for everyone involved.

Which attracts better talent.

It's a ripple effect.

We just need to get the ball rolling in a positive direction.

Sure better transit would help, but who cares.

We can improve things with what we have.

And anybody telling you otherwise has ulterior motives.

We've got the infrastructure in place.

This area is just as good as any other.

We've got many assets here.

We don't have any limitations to transform this into reality.

We have high education systems, international airports, plenty of office space, a legacy of hard workers and the desire to build a better place.

Let it begin!

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