Standardize IT Programmer Job Descriptions Maybe

I may have posted about this before.

However it needs to be said again.

Who the heck decides what name to describe the position which requires the skill of programming computer languages to solve problems in elegant and efficient manor?

I see job postings for Senior Engineer 3, Data Specialist, Data Generalist, Programming Analyst, Solutions Developer, Software Developer, Code Monkey, Gunslinging Problem Solver and Fixxer of things Broken.

Well, maybe not the last few examples.

However, what the hell?

How can a system get so fragmented.

In Baseball, anywhere you go, if you say you're a 3rd baseman, I know what you do.  If you're a relief pitcher, I know that too.  A right fielder does not put on his resume, Cather of Fly Balls, Thrower of Ball to Home Plate, Occasional Batter, you get the point.

What we need here is some standardization!

If you say you're a programmer engineer 2, maybe I'd have some clue as to what you do for a living.

Cause honestly, I have no freakin' clue what that position consists of.

That's what I'm talking about!