Public Speaking On Business Intelligence

I haven't done many public speaking events, basically ever.

I did one in 2008 while working at the County job, we basically had to present to the top brass to meet our goals for our yearly review.

I presented on Crystal Reports at the time and blew them away.

They had no clue about BI, as they basically locked everything tight and never let their customer's view the data.

After that, I presented at the Tampa SQL BI User Group.  For that one I was given no notice and did a pretty good job considering.

And this past weekend, I was asked to speak for an Architecture group which you can listen to here.

Just click on the Orange button to the right of the Architecture Concepts.

For this Podcast, we met on Skype, so I went out and purchase a set of HeadPhone/Microphone at Best Buy for about $30.

We were scheduled to speak at 2pm and I had my day set around that.  At 1:50, the event got post poned until 4pm, so I went food shopping, did two reports on my side job and then spoke for the hour broadcast, which got edited down to about 43 minutes.

Then went out to eat with the wife and mother in law to 5 guys burgers, mmm, greasy burgers and fries!

Anyway, I hope you get a chance to listen to the podcast and let me know what you thought of my presenting style and / or topics.

I've gotten some positive feedback thus far.

I enjoy speaking about BI and would welcome the opportunity again.