@Pluralsight Video on SQL Big Data Convergence by @andrewbrust

I just got through watching a new Pluralsight training video.

The course I watched was by Andrew Brust (Twitter: )  -

SQL Big Data Convergence - The Big Picture

It was a great course in that it discussed many of the topics I'm interested.

Specifically the mash up between Business Intelligence and Big Data, BI-BD if you will.

Because that's really the holy grail at this point.

And Andrew gave a good background on Hadoop/NoSqL and Massive Parallel Processing Engine.

There are company's today that are blending the two so that a version of SQL will be able to bypass the HIVE connector, the current methodology for merging BI and Hadoop, which also bypasses the need for Map Reduce job, which significantly increases the run time of queries.

Which will benefit everyone as we can now access this data in our pre-existing BI arsenal of vendor products.

He discussed different Vendor approaches and how each one tackles the same problem.

I like that fact as I've been working with both Cloudera and Microsoft's HDInsight.

The demo appears to have significant increase in speed using the beta Cloudera Insight, which has the SQL engine to parse/query Hadoop.

I also liked the demo using the HIVE connector in Microsoft Excel 2013 to show how easy it is to import data from HIVE - Hadoop, roll it up into PowerView and display the results in cool visualizations.

So I like both implementations Cloudera and Microsoft.

So check out Pluralsight for your latest training, and check out any of Andrew Brust's (Twitter: ) video's as he's got a bunch.

And there you have it!