#PerformancePoint Saga Continues - Out of Disk Space

So yesterday I got the PerformancePoint working just right.

Along with the Scorecards and KPIs.

When I got to work this am, Dashboard worked fine in Sharepoint, except holy cow, everything else was broken.

Couldn't delete anything, couldn't save anything in designer, couldn't spawn a new designer, nothing!

So I notified the Data Analyst.  And our SharePoint Admin.

We set up a time to discuss as I had meetings from 10-11:30am.

When he got to my desk, I showed examples of all the error messages.

Including the recent one which said no disk space.

So he logged on to the site and viewed the Event logs.

Sure enough, out of disk space on the G: drive, completely maxed out.

Probably when I created the new cube the other day.

Except it didn't show up for a few days.

So we put a ticket in to have space added.

Once that was done, I logged back in to designer and sure enough everything was back to normal.

So I put it into high gear and added 34 more measure, 34 more KPI, 4 more Scorecards and added to the Dashboard.


Looking good!

And that's how we roll~!