#PerformancePoint KPI Status

Was working on Sharepoint PerformancePoint today.

Basically had to figure everything out on the fly with no helpers.

Which was okay as the first report deployed on Friday.

However, I mentioned to the customer we could have KPI Key Performance Indicators.

So today they came back with some figures one for each month for 2 separate KPIs.

So I created 2 tables in SQL-Server, added data values for each of the months for 2013, added both tables to the Tabular Model and can see the values in PerformancePoint designer.

That's where I ran into a wall  - trying to match up summary value to summed up detail value:

Do I need to connect the new tables to the current time dimension where month = month and year = year.  Won't that limit the results for all the reports if done at the cube level?

And why don't the Quota dollar amounts show up as Measures on the PerformancePoint KPI side in the Measure drop down list?

Can sum the 3 values $50 + $75 + $100 for each of the 3 rows in the details Renewed dollar amounts.

Jan 2013  $50
Jan 2013 $75
Jan 2013 $100

And then the Quota value is something like $250, a single value in a single row of a table for Month = Jan Year = 2013.

Did they renew the amount they were supposed to, if not, how close were they, indicate with a Red, Yellow or Green, in this case they renewed $225 and their quota was $250, so show the appropriate indicator color.

Then do the same for specific Quarter or YTD.

So tomorrow I'll do some investigation and maybe ask one of the architects.

I think the dashboard I'm building has 9 distinct components / zones so there's plenty of work that needs to be done.

Good stuff!

Link to Friday's Post on PerformancePoint