My First PerformancePoint Dashboard #MSBI

So today I created my first PerformancePoint Dashboard.

Basically log onto SharePoint to instantiate the PerformancePoint designer.

From their, you can create multiple connections, I chose to point to a Tabular Model cube.

From there, created a Dashboard, which contains multiple Zones.

Then went to Create --> Analytic Chart, chose some measures and saved the report(s).

Then placed each report in their respective zone.

Then created a filter using the built in wizard.

Then dragged the new filter to the report Top Row along with the Apply Filters Button.

The tricky part was deploying the report to the SharePoint site.

Yes, there's a button to deploy from the Home dropdown menu.

However, the Ok button was dimmed out until I managed to find a site URL path to point to.

And next thing you know the 4 new reports, new dashboard and filter all appeared on the Dashboard site within SharePoint.

Then double clicked the Dashboard and we got working data, working filter and valid data.

I've only been wanting to create a PerformancePoint dashboard for 2 years now.

So when they came to me today asking for some new Dashboards, I was very excited.

Now to bring in more data sources and spruce these suckers up.