Moving Forwards with PerformancePoint Dashboards

We gave a presentation the other day to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint PerformancePoint Dashboards.

To the CEO.

Personally, I thought I could have done a better job.

However, there were time restraints.

And there were infrastructure constraints.

As we are on a new domain now and I'm not able to develop on my local workstation.

I must work on a VM on the other Domain.

So the Dashboards weren't crisp enough for my standards.

And for some reason the numbers didn't appear on the Dashboard, perhaps because the demo was on a Mac.

And I was out on vacation last week so I didn't have time to prepare like I wanted.

However, net result is we are moving forward with development of our first real Dashboard with a real internal customer.

From end to end.

So now I'm in the spec gathering mode as we still don't have the infrastructure in place.

Basically doing the prep work on gathering the data.

Also we are only going to expose the data internally so viewing the Dashboards outside the network is not going to happen, for security reasons, smart choice!

And that's all I've got to say about that!