KPI in ScoreCard in DashBoard in PerformancePoint in SharePoint

So today I was able to understand how to create a KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Basically I had to create a new "Measure" in the Tabular Model.

What this does is to expose the data in the KPI because you can only work with Measures.

In essence, I had to create 12 KPI one for each Month, then 4 for each Quarter and one for the Year.

Times 2 as are tracking 2 different things.

Once in Tabular Model measures, you create a new KPI in Performance Point, set the Actual or Sum of item captured, in our case Sales.  Then had to apply filters, for just Renewal Business, for just 2013, etc., etc.

Then to create the other value to compare against, I set it to the Measure created in Tabular.

Once the KPI is created, you then create a new Score Card and add the new KPIs.  I added them in the order they should appear.

Also I didn't figure out how to add or subtract KPIs once the Scorecard was created.

Once you have a Score Card  you add it to the Dashboard in a designated Zone.  You could add Filters here if you wanted.

Now that you have a working Dashboard in Performance Point  you Deploy it to SharePoint where it uploads all the artifacts and opens a new web page where the Dashboard is view-able.

So the first Dashboard is out the door, our Data Analyst will verify the numbers.

One thing she already pointed out was my KPI show % short of 100.  Instead they would rather have total amount / percentage from 0.  So instead of -4% they's prefer 96%.

And I asked for the metrics which determine the Red, Yellow or Green which we should have tomorrow.

All in all a great day!  Can now add this stuff to my resume!

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