Install Packages

Now a days, a lot of programming development is done for the web.

However, back in the day, it was all Client Server apps.

Which meant after you developed you application, you had to deploy to many users machines.

Which was not always easy.

What that meant is you had to create an install package.

And the built in tools back then were good.

They had wizards to assist you to bundle up your executables, your DLLs, add your registry entries, all nice and tight into an install package.

One way to deploy was to place the install package on the server and have your users install.

Another way was to physically go to every machine and do the install yourself.

There was also a way to push your app to the users.

Much of this has gone away now that everyone develops for the web.

However, deployment packages are still in use today.

So not only does the developer need to program the app and all the business logic, he / she must also get the app to the user.

And then the process of updating those client servers can begin.

The jump from VB5 to VB6 required all new DLLs to be installed.

And that posed a big issue for us developers at the time.

We couldn't push an update, we had to uninstall and re-install every machine.

However, the server people helped us if I remember correctly.

Anyhoo, that's the life of a developer, nothing's easy!

And so it goes!

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