High Level vs Low Level Thinkers

Some people say that there three types of people.

Those who make things happen.

Those who watch things happen.

And those who wonder what happened.

That's probably true.

I believe that there's two types of people.

High level thinkers (HLT).

And low level thinkers (LLT).

HLT's view the world from 10k feet.

They don't get into the details.

They make decisions without looking into all the possibilities downstream.

LLT's on the other hand, can foresee every pitfall miles away.

They see all the details and swim in them daily.

And when the two groups meet, HLT and LLT they collide.

The LLT can't understand why the HLT summarize so much.

And the HLT don't understand why the LLT bring up all these issues and details.

The clash of these two breeds in probably the biggest cause of conflict in the business world and life.

Each group has to see the world through the other lense.

And those who can dabble on each side have a leg up.

So what group are you in ?