Do Business Intelligence Experts That Know Everything Exist?

I'll be the first to say, I don't know everything about Business Intelligence.

There are lots of smarter people out there than me.

But why is it that nobody is really an expert on BI.

BI is such a complex subject.

So many angles to look at.

Mobile, Traditional, Self Service, Dashboard, Visualizations, Big Data, ETL, etc.

Some people are experts on specific features of BI.

Yet nobody I know is an expert at everything.

Because there's so many facets to it.

And because it's growing every day.

And so many vendors in the space have their distinct flavor.

It's like trying to describe the scenery at 100 miles an hour.

You get glimses along the way, yet it's difficult to see and know everything.

The view from the high level down to the low level details.

So I'll just keep trying to learn as much as possible in the time available.

If you find someone that knows everything about everything on BI, I'd like to meet them.