Data Is Where It's At

When you think of IT of yesterday, it was all about getting data into the database.

Through a client-server front end or a web based application.

And most programmers wanted to be on the front line creating the those pieces, whether it was the GUI, the middle layer tier or the data connector layer.

I believe that IT today is much different.

It's the data that's important.

Pure and simple.

Because the data has the insights.

And the data can help drive your business.

And the data can help manage your business.

By creating processes to measure results.

And there's no shortage of data.

It's only going to grow.

And those volumes of data need to be analyzed.

And you can syphen the nuggets of gold.

And use that to your advantage.

Whether you sell that info as knowledge.

Or use it for internal purposes.

I say you can hire a web developer to build you a front end.

Contract them out if need be.

But if you want the most bang for your buck, hire some smart data people.

And you can't go wrong!