College Statistics Class

When I attended the University of Florida from 1987-1991, I started off with an unofficial major in Business.

Attended Macro and Micro Economics, Accounting, Calculus and Statistics.

Now the Statistics class interested me for some reason.

I really enjoyed learning about probability, means, averages, + or - 3%, variance.

The professor was really cool and I seemed to do well in the course.

However, when I got a D in my Management course, the teacher refused to let me retake an exam or do extra credit work, I was forced out of the Business major per my Guidance Counselor's recommendation.

I actually thought about becoming a PE teacher buy was soon talked out of that.

My next choice was Liberal Arts, specifically Psychology.

I took some Psychology courses as I had some friends perusing that degree.

I took Fortran and got an A in that, and then dropped the Pascal class because I never went to class.

Then had a conversation with the Guidance Counselor, after reviewing my transcripts thus far, he said if I attended the Summer Archaeological dig at University of South Florida to receive 12 Upper Division credits, I had enough Anthropology courses to major in that and graduate on time.

So guess what, that's exactly what I did.

However, looking back, I really did enjoy the Statistics as one of my favorite classes.

It was interesting and I was good at it.

Maybe I could resurrect my 'Stats' skills into my Business Intelligence job.

Then my degree would have some value.