#AI Artificial Intelligence Should Mirror Mother Nature, Not Humanity

I was wondering about Artificial Intelligence.

Perhaps we already have a derivative of it today.

We can view the past for historical purposes.

Because many events, actions, things, places are being stored off into relational databases, for scientific purposes, business ventures and for Big Brother to get the all seeing eye.

And now sensors are producing large sets of data for storage and future consumption.

So if you Google a question, you get answers.

Perhaps not in natural human language although very close.

So what would it take to make the leap into pure artificial intelligence.  Well first of all are we attempting to duplicate the human mind.

I say in addition to retrieval of past information, facts and figures, we also need to include jealousy  hatred, revenge, gluttony, rivalry, competition, grudges, peer pressure as well as the 10 commandments.  You see, human mind capacity is not the upper pinnacle of intelligence.  It's somewhere between hell and survival.  We wouldn't want to create a computer that acts and thinks like humans.  Not by a long shot.

What you want to do is to simulate Mother Nature, the laws of Physics, and patterns of the Universe.  Which I say is impossible to duplicate the complexity, mystery and beauty which it contains.

It's like my old joke, I would have gotten better grades in High School if I sat next to smarter people.  Sure I copied of the dumb kids that's besides the point.  We should not be trying to simulate the human mind, that's too low of a bar to reach.

We need to strive for something higher, something more beautiful and pure.

Wake up people.  Nature is the highest form of intelligence, not mankind.  I'd say humans are at the 3rd grade level in the hierarchy of the Universe.  And sadly, proud of it.