Understanding Biz Infrastructure

Programming is the easy part.

Understanding the business infrastructure could take a lifetime.

You have to know the legacy of apps.

"Oh, Bob worked on that 5 years ago.  He didn't know what he was doing.  We should have re-written that app."

"How does that database get populated?  Oh, that app, it's replicated on a server in another country, nobody has rights to that server."

"Why does that job run at 11:34pm EST?  Because we have 3 other jobs that must run prior.  If any fail, there's no data for the Sales team in Europe."

Oh, I see, and where is all this info documented?  Echo.  Silence.  More echo.

Hence, the problem.

Undocumented processes, dependency's that nobody knows about, history of apps as to who and why things were done in certain ways.

And these are the days of our lives.

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