#TampaBay Next Hotbed for IT

When I moved to Tampa Florida in 1981 or so, first thing I said getting off the plane is, "where's the mountains?  Why's it so flat?".

Next was the summer heat, holy Toledo talk about humidity.

Next was the suburban sprawl.

After school and college I relocated back here from Atlanta.

I discovered the lack of quality high paying jobs.

And over the years other people have noticed the same thing.

What's up with that?

Sure we have at least two pawn stores on every corner, as well as check cashing stores.

And we are up there in number of strip clubs per square mile.

We've got plenty of landscaping jobs, hotel jobs, fast food jobs.

The economy lit up like a fire during the housing boom.

Money was rolling in hand over fist.

Anything related to housing was guaranteed income.

And since the bust, we are the foreclosure capital of the nation, or pretty close.

And since the dust has cleared, we still have pawn stores, check cashing and strip clubs.

And a lack of high paying quality jobs.

We were labeled the next up and coming city in the 1980's.

Back when the Bucs couldn't give a way free tickets.

Well, they've won a super bowl and the Rays are contenders.

So where are the high paying job?

Well, we've still got some good ole boy company's that pass the biz down from generation to generation, where they work you hard and pay you less.

And we've got your typical banks, insurance, sprinkled in with some quality IT software company's.

But most company's sell something other than IT.

And I think we can change that.  We can integrate the culture with smart people who want to settle down here, start family's and create a culture of intellect.

Combine with Orlando and Gainesville to expand the existing High Tech Corridor.

We are ripe for growth and by growth I'm talking about high paying quality jobs that will attract top talent.

We can make it happen.

Just need to shed the legacy of tourist, retirement homes and manual labor jobs.

There are no limitations.

And so it goes!

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