Reports MUST ALWAYS Match

The first rule of report writing is you don't talk about report writing.

The second rule of report writing is all your report totals must match other reports.

As in, reflect the same totals, sums, aggregates, etc.

Doesn't matter as much if the data is wrong, but they should at least match between reports.

Because managers love to point out the fact, in a big meeting, "I wanted to bring you to the attention that exhibit A report does not, in fact, match exhibit B report."

It's much harder for that same person to identify the incorrect piece of data when all the reports reflect the same results.

I'm not preaching to send out incorrect reports, I'm just saying you don't want to give low hanging fruit to people that can make you look bad.

Always ensure your reports are accurate before you send them out, but more importantly, make sure the totals match all the other reports!

Word to the wise!