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Last night I was at my part time contract 4:30pm.

Was able to log onto the pc with credentials and run the Crystal Report.

I took a snapshot of the metrics using the cool feature Report | Performance Information feature:

This gives you the run times for main and all sub-reports as well as other vital statistics.

I saved the file off as a "Baseline" so when I figure out what's causing the slowness I can compare before and after to present to the Client.

So looking at the report, it appears to have about 28 parameters or variables from the Business Warehouse query.

So every time I run the report, I have to click "Null" value for 25 of the 28 params.  Seems like there could be an easier way to handle this.

So after the params are entered, the report returns data within a minute on page one.

Then by clicking to the end of report, it must be calling the other 9 sub-reports because it doesn't return records for about 8-10 minutes.

So I investigated the other 9 sub-reports.  It appears that although they have the exact same params and they are linking the subreports, they are not linking the fields from main to sub-reports.

That's as far as I got as I left at 6pm and headed home to try the remote access.

Unlike my other contracts, this one requires stricter security.

First log in, then enter credentials including the ID from an electronic device they provided which changes numbers every few seconds.  I managed to get passed this and clicked on Remote Desktop Connection, where I was foiled by lack of Terminal Server access.

So I contacted my boss and she will get me access today.

Tonight I'd like to remove 8 of the 9 sub-reports, set a baseline, then experiment with the Linking options between report and sub-report see if I can speed it up.  If successful will apply methodology to remaining sub-reports.

Also would like to see the drivers used in the report I researched OLAP is not the preferred and should use SAP BW drivers.

What the report does is they have about 100 metrics in a cube and the report barfs trying to return all 100.

So they split the queries up into chunks, about 10 fields per sub-reports consisting of 10 sub-reports.

Crystal Reports is calling the database 10 times for 10 different queries although it's only returning 1 row split into 10 chunks.

I will investigate further.

And so it goes!

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