New #CrystalReports P/T Contract #SAP

I started my new contract tonight.

Arrived 5pm, got badge from security guard, met my new boss.

She and one of the developers and I met in a conference room.

Discussed the scope of the project.

They have some reports that are running slow.

And the Crystal Report has 10 sub-reports.

I will be able to work remote or at the office.

So we went to my cubicle, I logged in, except my password didn't take.

Call to the help desk got me working in a few minutes.

We logged on to Crystal Reports via the shared drive.

I reset my password in BOBJ.

And the report did not render, something to do with my roles probably.

So the full timer logged in, ran the report, ran in under a minute.

Then paged to the end the report just sat there, thinking for 10 minutes.

Thus the problem.

In addition, they logged into Excel and ran the query and it returned instantly.

So the problem is the Crystal Report.

My first task tomorrow will be to investigate.

Look at the 10 sub-reports, how they're linked, the type of sub-report (embedded or on-demand) and then check the drivers.

After that I'll start supressing the sub-reports, all of them and then add each one back one at a time.

See the response time.

And document each step to present back to the client.

They said if there's time, they have another project I may work on.

The environment is nice, cubicle, with mixture of high and low walls, so you can see the person next to you.

And the center was lined with candy and snacks, very impressive.

So after an hour tonight just to get acclimated, I'll work again tomorrow 5pm.

Get some troubleshooting in, look for the glitch(es).

And so it goes!

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