Learn to Prioritize Emergency's vs Everyday Work

Not all problems are created equally.

Sometimes I've found myself jumping from one emergency to the next to the next.

With no time to come up for air.

So over time, I've realized this is not the best way to solve problems.

Working for the government, you realize the pace is not always rush rush.

In fact, it can be slow slow.

And problems get solved, eventually.

And trying to fix problems as fast as you can is actually frowned upon.

Sure if the boat's sinking, it's probably in the best interest to patch the leak.

However, I've seen situations where people let problems exists, for different reasons.

Sometimes it's a political strategy, let someone look bad even though it's a simple fix that could have been done sooner than later.

Sometimes the structure of priorities forces you to work on certain issues first.

For example, a state mandate or a request from the CEO or perhaps an auditor would trump a middle manager issue with a report.

So perhaps it's better to work at a good pace, prioritize work and be flexible to change on a dime if the need arises.

Because as the childhood story goes, the tortoise wins the race.

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