Harvesting Data

Money doesn't grow on trees.

If it did, we'd all be Money Farmers.

Data doesn't grow on trees either, except you can harvest it.

Like a Data Farmer.

If you stop and think about it, some company's do nothing but harvest data.

Take Facebook as the prime example.

They are in the data gathering business.

Silly you, you thought it was a community interactive communicative sharing site.

The truth is you are doing their data entry at no cost.

Not only that, you are giving them your entire life story, pictures and all, at no charge.

You are giving away your most private thoughts, connections, locations to a data gathering company in exchange for nothing.

Once they have your data, they can map out your profile similar to a credit report.

They can determine your threat potential, your risk potential, if you drink beer, wine or milk, who you associate with, when and where.

You are unknowingly providing the juiciest of details to a company who may or my not have your best interest at heart.

The thing is, they already know so much about your patterns you'd be amazed.

Based off your electronic residual trail on the internet, your shopping patterns, just about everything is being tracked.

So in a sense, data does grow on trees.  And they are amassing mountains of your data.

You've been warned!  They are harvesting your data at this very moment.

Mine too!

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