Dancing with Data

Have you ever seen the Kevin Costner movie, "Dancing with Wolves".

The story takes place in the 1800's where a war hero is sent to the wild west on a mission.

Apparently he's forgotten about and left to survive amongst the unknown.

He befriends a Native American tribe, who he thought were the enemy.

He integrates into their culture and leaves his past behind.

Have you ever worked on a project that seemed like the best thing ever.

You're sent out into the wilderness alone to solve the biggest problem.

Then somewhere along the way, you realize you've been forgotten about.

Your own version of "Dancing with Data".

Working in isolation, nobody knows what you're working on.

It's just you and the data.

You get lost in the rows and columns, swimming amongst the data.

Eventually, the home office realizes your mission and circles back to find a status update.

Except they don't quite understand it and although they say it's important, you sense the lack of.

And people are lined up to take your insights and brand them as their own.

To take credit for your hard work.

You have no choice but to hand over the jewels.

Was it all for nothing?

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