Crystal Reports Possibility?

I've been getting lots of recruiter activity lately, even though I'm not looking to change at this time.

The jobs haven't been that spectacular to make the move.

Except one of my old recruiters who placed me a few years ago contacted me.

She had a part time contract with a reputable local company.

To  troubleshoot some Crystal Reports which are about to be deployed.

Except they are running slow for some reason.

And they are looking for a gunslinger to assist.

And I used to be known for Crystal Reports specifically.

Until I made the leap to SSRS a few years ago.

So I was glad to get the phone call.

We've been in contact for over 10 years and one of the few recruiters that knows me well.

I haven't got the contract yet as I need to speak with the hiring manager.

It's only for a few weeks as they have a full timer on staff.

And if the person they contract with can identify the problem, they'll have the full timer take over.

Either way, these are the type of challenges I like.

It's remote contract after hours.

Either way, this team of recruiters are top notch!

And are a pleasure to work with.

The hourly rate is good too.

Maybe I'll get the opportunity.

And so it goes!

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