Converted c# AJAX Logic to SQL

So I've been working on a c# app, nothing big, to add quotas to a table in SQL-Server.

A team mate wrote the initial piece which has about 5 or 6 classes and connects to AD.

It basically reads in the Territory's / Regions from the SalesForce backup database.

User can assign dollar amount and currency for people's sales quotas.

I added a new c# web page with AJAX calls.

However, after working on it a bit, today I decided it would be easier to do it all in SQL.

So instead of having an entire web page which user must click one by one, I added a single button on the main default.aspx page.

It go out and grabs all the new entries in SF not in Quota table.  Then it loops twice, one time for New Business and one time for Renewals, and then inner loops 12 times, once per month, for a total of 24 rows inserted into the DB for each new Territory/Region.

I really tried to write some .net c# AJAX code, but it was just easier to use SQL.

And I removed the c# web page from the project, tested and pushed the single page Default.aspx c# app to production.

Then saved to Team Foundation Server and called it a day.

Fun stuff!