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This morning I posted a blog about 2 features I liked about SAP Crystal Reports:


Now I'd like to post a blog on four features I like about SSRS.

1. Dynamic Parameters - when running a report, user can select a drop down parameter and based on his or her selection, you can dynamically populate the list of other parameters.  This is way cool.  With that said, it would be nice if Microsoft can fix the issue when allowing multiple parameter value selection from a drop down without having to add extra code and then having to use a Split function in the SQL query / Stored Procedure.  Still, dynamic parameters rock!

2. Ability to have Multiple Data sets from multiple data sources within a single report without the need for Sub-Reports.  When I first saw this I thought to myself, that's one feature I've missed using Crystal Reports for the past 15 years.  For this reason alone, I think SSRS is a better product.

3. Ability to create SSRS reports within the BIDS environment (Solution/Project) makes coding straight forward for Microsoft developers who don't need to learn an entirely new IDE just for reporting.

4. Ability to run Data Driven Subscriptions is another award winning feature over Crystal Reports.  To schedule a report to run on specific frequency and have the report driven by a query that returns rows and have the server generate one report per row is just fantastic.

That's my top 4 list off the top of my head.

However, if you're going to be a Business Intelligence developer, you can't really limit your toolset to just one vendor so learn as much as you can.  Each product has strengths and weakness'.

And you can't pick which technology your client will be using.

And so it goes!

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