Visual Basic 6 DLL Issue

I worked at a job that had some legacy Visual Basic 6 code, year was 2009.

Somehow I got chosen for the latest code modification.

Only problem was, nobody could find the source code.

I searched everywhere, nothing.

I was able to find an old version on an old server in Visual Source Safe and used that as the base.

Once the code was modified we had to release into production.

Except the app was used in the Courtrooms so we had no luxury of failing on this project.

And because other apps used the same DLLs, there was concern that the binary comparability would be broken, causing the other dependent apps to fail.

So we gathered as a group for suggestions.  Somebody mentioned that you can have 2 DLLs with the same name, which I knew was incorrect, except I was told to move in this direction.

After that idea failed, I suggested we create a new DLL with new Binary Compatability, which would allow our new changes to work and not disrupt the existing apps.

So we spend a lot of time loading the install package on several test machines.

The customer still didn't think it was going to work, however, we pushed forward with the release.

And it did work.  And I saved the code to Visual Source Safe and no further changes were required.

It's too bad Microsoft stopped supporting Visual Basic as that language was great!  They could have moved forward with the Visual Basic .net version and kept VB6 going as well.

Oh well, can't have everything.

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