Dashboards and Scorecards

So after much idle time today I got a chance to express my vision for the new dashboards and scorecards.

I presented how we'll need a new SharePoint server with Tabular Model (SSAS), SSIS and a new Reporting Server SSRS.

Our infrastructure people, my team mates in the new department, will be working on building those out and they have plenty of experience with that.

Once set up, I plan to copy over the existing code from our existing cube and migrate that to the new server, creating a tabular model and SSIS package to move the data.

However, we'll only be running a subset of the data.

Once in place, I plan to create some Scorecards with Key Performance Indicator mostly for the sales teams based on products at first.  Then add location and time dimensions.  With all products on the main page, with drill-down capabilities to individual products.

So managers can quickly assess the entire product line and identify points of interest.  To find insight and better align the business through more attention or better processes.

Moving into my new position, I'm out of the shadows of the architects and now have free room to move about and do my own architecting and development.

And perhaps my skills will get some use doing some more advanced analytics   Because once the uppers get a taste of dashboards, scorecards and KPI's I'm sure there will be plenty more of that in the future.

And there you have it.

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