9 Things My Dogs Taught Me

1. Always wag your tail.  Just be happy!

2. Greet other dogs with a sniff.  Introductions to new people require you to get to know the other person so make an effort.

3. Do tricks for snacks.  Sometimes you have to do things in order for rewards, just a fact of life.

4. Snuggle with people when someone isn't feeling well.  Loyalty to others is an honorable trait.

5. There's always time to chase a squirrel.  Yes, you can always carve out enough time to play and do the things you enjoy.

6. Nap when you're tired.  When you feel sluggish take a quick snooze to get your energy back.

7. Car rides sticking your head out the window are fantastic.  Get out and see the world, set you eIPad down for 2 seconds, step away from the television and let the cool flowing air run through your hair.

8. Every once in a while, visit the groomer.  Do something nice for yourself, get your hair cut.

9. Every dog likes to go for a walk.  Get some exercise and take care of business.

Maddie & Chloe Bloom in Blue Ridge Georgia!

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