Unlimited Training

Throughout my career, I've been limited to new technology.

And I saw people, some not as smart, excel faster.

Because they had access to technology.

Sometimes immediately after it was released.

I tend to think it's because they have access to software, for example MSDN.

But that's not the entire aspect, they must also have hardware to load and test with.

And also the ability to figure this stuff out on their own.

I can look back at my career and see all the stumbling blocks.

Where some new technology would be released.

Sometimes I purposely said "I'm going to hold off on that for now".

But not always.

So I suppose that's why I've been learning as much as I can as fast as I can.

To make up for lost time.

Because if I really think about it, the happiest I've ever been in the world of IT is when I'm learning something new.

In 1995-6, learned Crystal Reports, Visual Basic and Oracle.

In 1998 learning the internet with Microsoft ASP.

Actuate in 1999.

Not sure what year I learned .net, maybe 2002 or 3.

I even quit a job because they wouldn't allow me to learn Java.

Except I got a Sr. Java position in 2006 without writing one line of code prior.

And then Microsoft BI after that.

And this latest, I've learned more in 3 days than the sum of everything prior.

I do enjoy curiosity and putting the pieces together to see the big picture.

I've always liked to learn, especially the advanced stuff.

I read the dictionary as a child.

And I was in advanced math in the 2nd grade for a while.

And I was friends with an Indian boy in early grade school, he brought his almanac over to play one day, just for fun.

And I solved the Rubic's cube in the 6th grade.

I think being in the IT field provides a training ground to never stop learning.

And now that I've been exposed to unlimited training, the sky's the limit.

And so it goes!