The Enterprise is the Database

A long time ago, we had VSAM files on the mainframe.

Then Relational Databases.

Now we have In-Memory and Columnar Indexes and Hadoop and such.

Except Hadoop exists off in some far away place.

While DBA's work with traditional databases and connect to Hadoop via connectors.

I wonder why we don't have a Hybrid Solution.

A mix of databases and large data sets.

So you can wind your way through one to the other without separation.

One unit of data, some of it structured and some of it unstructured.

Why do they have exists as different entity's.

I say the database should store data both traditionally structured, semi-structured and non structured.

Why should they exist in silos?

At some point they should be merged together, don't you think?

And become transparent to the report developer or data scientist.

And then go a step further.

Why should a database even exist at all?

Why couldn't you send a query out to every desktop in your organization and pull the necessary data right off the machines, why do they need to be in a cluster.

The entire enterprise should be the cluster.

And that is why you would need unique identifiers so you can establish a relationship to where you found this data and when it was pulled.

I see too many limitations on the traditional database, open it up, the data is sitting there waiting to be modeled and reported on.

Remove the boundaries of legacy systems.  The enterprise is the database.

Maybe it will be one day.

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