Self Service Business Intelligence Summary

Self Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) - provide mechanism for users to run their own reports on demand from anywhere.

Sure sounds easy.

IT just builds them the road, the pavement, the sewer lines, the traffic lights, the on and off ramps, set up an entire infrastructure to allow the user to drive.

"Boy this driving sure is easy, just press the gas and off you go.  I don't see why we had to wait this long for Self Service."

That's because IT is providing the sandbox environment to allow you to focus on "your" business.

And not have to worry about the complex data preparation, cleansing, mashing, governance, backups, permissions, etc.

IT is still moving the heavy blocks to allow the business the comfort and ease of Self Service.

And IT has access to every department's data, not just yours.

So they can see the bigger picture.

And isn't that the name of the game.

Include as much data as possible to enhance your view of the ecosystem to provide analysis which spawns insights, converted into action by leaders.

And there you have it!