Quick Meeting with the Boss

Most people tend to shy away from their Managers.

I went to talk to mine today, find out how things are going, if he's happy with my work.

I said I've been working on the data mash query for a month, now I'm knee deep on another project this week, haven't produced much in 5 weeks, but I'm working hard.

He understood and said he'll try to mix up the Research and Development projects with a few quick wins.

It's kind of different for me to work on longer projects as I'm used to juggling 10 things at a time, picking them off one at a time, feels like progress.

We still need to look at the work I did and validate it and see what else we can add.

And there's no shortage of work so we'll see what happens.

Overall, my favorite IT job ever.

Except my stints doing archaeology and tennis teaching were still better!

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