Quality Reigns

There's quality and then there's the knock off brand.

And I've typically gone with the quality choices.

Recently, after some bad experiences at the local supermarket, we decided to try one of the alternative ones.

The place was always a ghost town.

The customer service was minimal.

And the quality of meats, fruits and cold cuts was nowhere's near what we were accustomed too.

And one day the stock guy turned quickly and nearly knocked my wife over, said it was an accident, um, I didn't think so.

And recently they stopped giving us coupons at time of checkout.

And the final straw was when they didn't know how to use our $50 gift card at checkout, we had enough.

So our next food shopping venture will be back at our old stomping grounds.

Where they have a store every mile or so with fresh quality food with Buy One Get One free deals all the time.

So we tried an alternative to quality with dismal satisfaction.

And so it goes!

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