Online Technology Training

I've been watching training video's the past few days from Plural Sight.

After signing up for a year membership, they have tons of cutting edge technology video's to view.

I started off with Power Pivot for SharePoint, then Power Pivot, next Big Data, HTML 5  jQuery  NoSQL, NodeJS, OData, Advanced Reporting Services, Power Shell, SQL Azure.

The video content is great, the delivery mechanism is too, either HTML 5 or Silver Light visible on the web or IPhone.

For now, I'm just getting familiar with all the technology, from a high level view.

So I can understand what the technology does to get the big picture.

I'll have to drill down to the detail level at some point to figure out the inner workings of specific technologies.

Right now there's just too much to learn.

I counted about 400 courses online as of today.

Technology training, anytime, anywhere, as much as you can consume.

Not too shabby!

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