Need to Learn Tabular Model and Dax

Multi Dimensional Cubes have been around for a long time.

And I bought a book in the year 2000 to try and understand them.

Holy toledo talk about complicated.

And with no playground to experiment I eventually moved on to other stuff to learn.

Although I never lost the interest in learning.

And then I started to attend SQL Saturdays and conferences and it seems that the Cubes have an entire world of their own.

And they are in high demand, and pay well.

Except I never learned them.

So I investigated a bit and built my own cubes on my home environment and it seemed pretty straight forward.

Until I got to the MDX portion, complicated.

And my next hurdle was I couldn't load SharePoint to test the new functionality.

So I post poned my learning again.

Until I got my current job where I got immersed in Tabular Model.

And it all became clear.

I don't need to learn MDX, I have to learn DAX.

And I've already created 2 production tabular models and I maintain a corporate wide cube by adding permissions, setting people up with Power Pivot and SharePoint.

So by luck, I managed to bypass having to learn Multi Dimensional Cubes and went straight into Tabular Model.

Which is not backwards compatible.

There is a huge debate going on right now, will SSAS be supported in the future or will it become legacy, and what to do with all the billions of dollars invested in that technology and support.

I'm happy with knowing just Tabular so I'm moving into the future with no complaints or regrets.

Sure I was disappointed when Microsoft abandoned Visual Basic 6 for .net with no backwards compatibility, that's life.

And so it goes!

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