Need for a Chief Data Officer

There's a lot of talk lately about software BI vendors abandoning the Traditional reporting aspect.

They fling comments like IT is too slow, too domineering, their reports are wrong, they take too long and the reports never match.  They are uncooperative, bureaucratic ticketing systems, prioritizing system that makes no sense, unable to fulfill the needs of their customers.

And I would agree with many of these issues, as I know how the system works.

So the business has volunteered to take all the responsibility from IT and do their own reporting as they think they can do a better job and they have a corporate credit card to spend on Cloud technology and consultants.

And chances are they'll do a worse job than IT because they may know the business better, but they don't have the big picture and how all the data integrates and flows through all the systems.

I do think Self Service is needed for business users to get their own data, however, it should be architected and structured approach in tandem with IT, not against.

Because as you know, first problem they run into they'll be heading over to the IT department to figure it out.

Because IT has gone to school to learn this stuff, because they attend seminars and continue education to keep up with technology, as their main source of income and profession, not something they do in between meeting their sales volume or meeting with potential clients.

Has IT blundered the world of reporting in the past, sure.
Can the business do a better job by themselves, I doubt it.
Can they work together as a join effort to strengthen the bonds between them, you bet.

However, due to power plays and positioning and budgets, I think their should be a third team that integrates the two, as I've mentioned on the #BIWisdom tweet chat, their needs to be a department such as the Chief Data Officer, who matrix team members from IT and all divisions of the organization.

They can charge back the time spent working for the CDO so the theres no increase in staff and budget should not spike suddenly.

The Chief Data Officer would be responsible for the integrity of the data using Data Governance, can work with IT to integrate data sources, can work with the business for documenting business processes, can work with external people to investigate current market conditions and trends and how other company's are doing things, they would be responsible for the direction of the Business Intelligence software within the org.  They would report directly to the CEO, they could hire external consultants when IT skills can't be found in-house.

So is the world of Traditional Reporting going away, highly unlikely.
Is the business unit going to take 100% ownership of BI, highly unlikely.
Is there an opportunity to bridge the gap with a newly formed department, called the Chief Data Officer?  You betcha!

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