Microsoft's Advantage

Some people say that Microsoft is past it's prime.

I disagree.

They have the market cornered with their Office package.

They have an entire following for their Visual Studio platform with plenty of languages to choose from.

And they have a solid database to add to it's collection, available on premise, in the Cloud and in Parallel Storage racks.

They have their foot well established in the BI world, with SSRS, they have a solid ETL tool called SSIS, they have Traditional and Self Service BI through SharePoint, they have hooks into Big Data and of course the free yet powerful tool called Power Pivot for the Excel jockeys.

And they have everything available in the Cloud, called Azure.

Oh yeah, they have a product called the Operating System, you may have heard of it, now available in Windows 8.

They have Mobile technology as well.

And everything integrates tightly.

Some people say they are free falling, I don't agree.

Apparently they still have lots of smart people working there and I'm along for the ride.

They have all the bases covered, although sometimes slow out of the gate on new technology, namely the Internet, Reporting and now Big Data.

Don't count them out, they're still a player in the world of IT, in my humble opinion!