Life of a Report Monkey

In 1993, I answered phones at Sears Credit Central.

And I was asked to come in early and count the number of phone calls for the prior day, the number of approvals and declines, and enter the totals into Lotus 1-2-3.

My first data job.

Then at NationsCredit we took faxes, had temps data entry, it was chaos, I suggested to number the faxes as they arrived so we could track them, my first process modification to smooth business flow.

In 1995, working for NationsBank, I approved loans for the bank, again, they asked me to count up the approvals and declines.  For this, I was allowed to take a programming class at the college, I chose c++, got an A, they reimbursed me, I begged the IT manager to hire me, which he did, and I learned Crystal Reports version 5, my first real programming job.  ( I also did Visual Basic and Oracle).

Then at Kronos, I created reports for Hospital Time Sheets, and learned what a Left Outer Join was.

Then at Florida Power, I did Visual Basic / Oracle PL/SQL complex Access reports.

Then at Paymentech, I programmed Actuate reports.

Then did a bunch of Crystal Reports at Surfside Software, Z-Tel (Scorecards, MDX & Reports).

At West Point Underwriters, I balanced the books for two Insurance company's for close to 4 years, which burned me out.

Then at Bamboo Software, I did more Crystal Reports, then Health Integrated, more Crystal Reports, then the County, Java and more Crystal Reports, then I learned SSRS on a temp job and did SSRS for the School Board.

Which leads me to my present job, advanced BI using Tabular Model and SSRS.

So as you can see from my 20+ year career, I've been working with data regularly.

SQL language hasn't changed much.  Nor Crystal Reports.  What has changed is the number of BI professionals out there now.  When I started you couldn't find a reporting guy anywhere, they were non existent.  I was a lone wolf when it came to reports, as all programmers wanted the cool stuff.

Well guess what, data is cool.  And that's the life of a Report Monkey!

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