IT is from Mars, Biz is from Venus

For some reason IT and the Business Units do not always see things the same way.

And the reason could be that IT is from Mars.

Concrete thoughts, thinking in mostly logic.

The business thinks in theories, in dollars and cents, in sales.

And there lies the problem.

Two different ways to see the same problem.

And the solutions are differnt too.

Business users have some vague idea of what they want.

IT wants specifics, don't beat around the bush, what is it you want.

Well, once we see what you deliver, then we'll think about it and change everything.

And when communicating to a group of mixed IT and Business folks, you really have to walk the line as to not shun either side.

You can't get too low level in the details, and you can't put too much fluff in there either.

Now the Business wants to take over a lot of IT functions.

And IT wants to take over much of the processes and such.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Except getting the two groups to see eye to eye is not always easy.

And the main reason is IT thinks in right brain and Business thinks in left brain.

And rarely do they meet on the same wave length.

And there you have it!

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