IT is the Corporate Dumping Ground for Any Problem

In the Enterprise of many organizations, it seems the IT department is the goto place for many questions.

Many business divisions, when tasked with a problem, simple relate the problem in terms of technology, and send their request over.

And IT gets a lot of problems thrown their way.

Wrapped in technology.

So IT must solve the majority of the organizations problems whether they are technology related or not.

Sales department needs more leads, so they send a request down to IT to find a technology solutions for producing more leads.

Marketing department needs better tracking of money spent and return on investment.

Etc. etc.

Basically what I'm saying is that IT department gets legetimate requests for providing solutions via technology, however they are also "dumped" on in many orgs by many departments for doing the other departments job.

IT is the Google for the enterprise on solving problems, whether or not it's an IT related issue.

Just wrap it in technology and throw it over the fence.

Then demand time frames for expected results, regardless if the IT department has sufficient resources or talent on hand.

And so it goes!

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