I've been rocking and rolling lately on the new job.

And learning new things.

And today I had my headphones on and they apparently had a big meeting I didn't get to attend.

Somewhat towards the mid afternoon, they called us into another meeting abruptly.

And it was announced my boss got a promotion, which is well deserved.

So who my new boss will be I do not know.

And there were some people in other dept's let go.

Overall I like change.  However, the news kind of threw me for a loop.

So we'll have to see what develops going forward.

I was able to score some free online video training at work and watched a c#.asp video today, learned some new things.  They have hundreds of videos to watch, except I'm thinking to purchase the PluralSight video's as I've heard good things about them.

And tomorrow is the beginning of the Winter solstice and the Mayan trigger date for a calendar renewal and the universe will be perfectly aligned around Saturday so think good thoughts, as they will be amplified into the universe.

And I did get a chance to visit the Native American Indian spiritual mound this am before work which was nice.

So there you have it, change change and more change.

And so it goes!

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