Be the CEO of your Career and Life

Most of us work for a living.

And many of us have full time jobs.

So we give our allegiance to the corporate office and trust they have our best interest at heart.

Work hard, keep your head down, earn a salary and hope for the best.

However, due to the economy and the trends of modern day work life, we should really consider ourselves as Independent Contractors who happen to work full time.

You really need to take control of your career and life.

And by that, you need to become the CEO of your life.

You need to be held accountable for your career.

You need to find the training necessary to stay current in technology.

You need to have alternative plans in case you are downsized or right sized or outsourced.

You need to have a financial cushion to hold you over for a few months.

You need to network with people in the industry.

You need to have a twitter account and stay current with market trends.

You need to keep in touch with recruiters and take the pulse of the market.

Because you are responsible for your career.

And by that you are the CEO of yourself.

You must sell, market, research and development, accounting, finance and budget, maintenance, the whole kit and caboodle.

You may have a full time job, but you are still an Independent Consultant if you ask me.

So accept your new role and take responsibility for you career and life.

And there you have it!

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