Are Full Time BI Pros More Valuable Than Consultants?

To be a report writer, you really need to know the technology.
To be a business intelligence person, you need to know the technology and the business.

And if you are a contractor or consultant, you spend your days working for a client, then move on.

All that business knowledge down the drain.

So what about the full time business intelligence developers.

They stay put at their jobs.

And over time they learn the business inside and out.

So they become the domain knowledge experts.

And typically the business rules don't change that drastically over time.

So their knowledge becomes an asset to the organization.

You can hire a BI consultant any day of the week.

Because they know the technology.

They don't know the business, most likely.

And information is power.

And the people who are on staff, the ones soaking up the business rules, they are the go-to people now a days.

Because that info is more valuable than consultants ability to produce reports.

So perhaps full time BI is the way to go?

Who knows.  Things go in cycles.  Time will tell.

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