Yearly Review

So this year we're trying something different.

We've given the responsibility of evaluation to the brightest minds.

Our pets.

Here's what they had to say.

Mickey the Cat: Jon has done well to provide a stable environment.  He provides boxes frequently for me to sit in.  He plays with me in the morning.  Although he is not the actual person who feeds me, he does a descent job scooping the litter box.  Rooms for improvement, I could use some more time on the porch to watch the lizards.

Charlie the Cat: Over the past year, Jon is an excellent provider, although he tends to spend the majority of time with the canines.  Keep the treats coming and there won't be any issues.

Sunshine the Cat: I usually hide upstairs until it's feeding time so I don't have any complaints except the two dogs tend to sniff me a lot.

Maddie the Dog: Overall Jon is outstanding at what he does, which is to let us out in the morning to do our business.  He is generous with the treats, and he's usually good for a walk in the evening.  I like to go on car rides and find he is very accommodating on that front.  I am impressed with the new swimming pool, however, I feel that the swims should be daily, not occasionally so there's room for improvement.

Chloe the Dog: I would say I'm treated fairly, there's been talk of a Union, however, for the record I'm not a part of that.  Jon has the capacity to think like a dog, so he understands what we want, which is either some petting, some treats, a walk or swim or car ride or more treats.  Jon shows potential and I feel with the right attitude, he will go far.

Overall Rating: 4 out 5 Paws

Signed: The Pets