Why Be a Programmer?

Most people work for a living.

Some people do data entry, some cook french fries, some defend people in court and other type on a computer all day long.

These computer people are called programmers.

And they are the unfortunate souls who must think for a living.

Swimming in details all day every day.

And logic too, how horrendous.

And trying to understand the customer's never ending wish list and whims and changes.

And the technology changes every year or two with steep learning curves.

Why would anyone in the world want to become a computer programmer.

Because they get to think every day.

Because they swim in the details every day.

Because they live and breath by logic in an un-logical world.

Because they they get to interact with customers.

Because they they never stop learning.

And most of all, because they get to solve problems, different ones every day, using nothing but their wit, creativity and curiosity.

Personally, why wouldn't you want to be a programmer.

Best job on planet Earth.